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– Arendal, Norway



-1 Year, Core Program – Fundamentals of Drawing

Course start date:


– Autom 2025


– English/Norwegian

Degrees awarded:


– Certificate of Attendance

– Drawing fundamentals  

Arendal Application Date: 


– Start – Autom 2024 

– Close – Summer 2025

Mandatory attendance:

– 30 lesson hours a week approximately

– 5 Days a week 09:00 – 17:00

COSTS Enrolment fee: 

4500 Euro (54.000,- NOK)* x3 (Yearly fee).


*Payment plans in installments available upon request

(extra charge applies).


– Copy of Passport

– Approved Portfolio/Application

1 Trimtester

The Salvesen Academy of Art offers the opportunity to learn drawing and painting as the Great Masters did. Whether you are a beginner looking to explore Realism in Florence or an experienced scholar looking to manifest a career, our mission is to provide the experience and skills that you need to succeed.

Students learn how go get the proportions right, using straight lines, and finding the rhythms, and get in control using the “best” set that was ever made by Charles Barque. The process follows the tried and true method similar to academic schools world wide over centuries. 

Bargue – Studies:

Bargue Drawing 1
Bargue Drawing 2
Bargue Drawing 3


Figure – Studies:

Intro- lvl  Model Copying (from life).

no face, hands or toes. Three Long-poses (4 weeks each).


2 Trimester

Starting off with specially prepared drawing examples with various degrees of detail and difficulty. (Show large contrast between light and dark) very little halftones to make it easier for the student to recognize and see forms. The students need to complete three of these in order to advance to the 2nd trimester. Her students then pass from studies of the flat (prints 2d) to cast studies using charcoal. The student then progresses to using oil paints in their 3rd trimester. Primarily studies in black and white, of casts and live figure painting.

Table of Contents

3 Trimester

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Table of Contents