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– B. 1988 in Lillesand City and raised there throughout his life; currently resides in Arendal, Norway

Rudolf Aarli Salvesen is a natural born creative spirit and started his creative pursuits at the age of 4, playing with clay figures, copying life from TV. At an early age, his mother noticed his creative interest and made sure he was able to go about his interests as he saw fit. In 2002 he later joined a local art school and together with his friend, they both learned fundamental drawing. It wasn’t long before a desire for greater challenges led him to continue his artistic studies and later progressed to both oil paint and ceramics.

“As long as I can remember I was always different from friends and kids my age. I always felt like I was much older and did not care much for atypical interests like sports or social games. I would much rather hunt for precious minerals outdoors or build things in clay from my own imagination”

As he got older, the house gradually ended up with more and more work, and eventually had to move down in his parent’s basement just so all his projects would not clutter the entire house. One day a fellow friend of the family came by and handed him an educational CD of the great Leonardo da Vinci, and remember being completely enchanted, trying to figure what he was looking at.

As a teenager, he began experimenting with modern art expressing himself by creating large drawings & paintings at home submitting several to local art competitions.

Later, when he was 19 he decided to pursue an education in Design, spending several years both in Oslo and abroad. All throughout his 20-s he spent many years travelling the world, alongside working in several prestigious jobs both in South of Norway and Oslo.

Eventually, he felt bored with similar challenges and decided it was time to further develop his artistic skills. Especially drawing, and now looked back at his childhood dreams and the works of Leonardo da Vinci.

After serious consideration and a lot of support from his relatives, he eventually made the bold leap to get himself a Fine Arts education. His desire to create masterpieces led him to Florence, Italy to study classical realist painting with Michael John Angel at the Angel Academy of Art. He began his studies in painting and drawing in 2018 and completed roughly half the program in 1 year. Before returning, he was offered a scholarship at TIAC Academy of Fine Art, but was not able to continue due to financial runouts, in which he later returned to Norway to save up and continue his work as a designer in which his art education has benefited his creative skills greatly.

Rudolf Aarli currently lives and works in Arendal, Norway


– Angel Academy of Art Graduate program
2018 – Florence, Italy

– Bachelor of Design – Curtin University – Perth, Australia.
2008-2011 – Kristiania University College, Oslo.